Credentialing is the process of verifying education, training, and proven skills of a healthcare practitioner by the insurance company. This process occurs before your first claim can be submitted. The process of credentialing can be lengthy so we recommend allowing 3-6 months for the credentialing process when planning to open your new practice. 


Are You a New Provider?

If you plan to accept insurance, you must go through the credentialing process with most insurance companies to receive reimbursement. Billing Solutions will help you get credentialed and get contracts signed with the insurance companies.

Thinking About Starting a New Practice?

If you were credentialed and contracted with your previous company, in most cases you will need to have the new practice credentialed as well. Many providers assume that the credentialing and contracts will follow them to their new practice. This simply is not true. When a provider changes tax id’s, new contracts will need to be obtained. This is also the case if you decide to practice in a different state.  


Adding a New Provider to an Existing Physician Group?
Some insurance companies will require group contracts for practices with more than one provider. Each provider will need to be credentialed and added to the group contract.  Billing Solutions will help each provider complete the required documents to make sure that your practice is paid for the services it renders.
Want to Add a New Insurance Carrier?
At some point, your practice may decide to accept new insurance companies. Which will require establishing contracts with the new insurance company. Our qualified staff can help you establish those contracts and review the fee schedule for the new insurance company.


Starting your own practice can be empowering and overwhelming at the same time. At Billing Solutions Unlimited we can make opening up your own practice less stressful by assisting with administrative tasks that must be done if you plan on accepting health insurance. We assist with getting you set up with payers of your choice.


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