Billing Solutions Unlimited (BSUNC LLC) is a full service medical billing organization that is committed to providing a high level of service to our clients.  The staff at Billing Solutions Unlimited has over 11 years’ experience in healthcare reimbursements and revenue cycles. We have extensive hands on experience, knowledge, and expertise in both hospital and physician claims with a variety of commercial and government payers. We are a solution based company that focuses on providing our clients the highest reimbursement possible. Let us take care of your billing so that you can focus on taking care of your patients.

We can be tailored to fit the needs of your practice.

 We tailor our services to best meet the needs of our clients. Our primary focus will be to create a system that works for all parties involved.  If you are local we can pick up claims and EOB’s once a week from your office, some practices prefer to mail them to us, some are faxed and we receive a few by email. We do request copies of the EOB’s that are not available in an electronic format from practices so we can make sure that all of your claims are paid correctly. Below is a list of the services offered: 

¨ Electronic claim submission (primary, secondary, and tertiary)

¨ Follow up on unpaid claims, denials and appeals

¨ Monthly billing and collection reporting

¨ Account receivables analysis

¨ Insurance aging projects of unpaid clams

¨ Credentialing

-HR Outsourcing (background checks, drug screens, verification of license/certifications, other pre-employment screening services available)

As a competent and experienced medical billing company, our main priorities are accuracy and reliability when it comes to advising our clients.  We have built our work's foundation from these guiding principles:

  • Expertise
    We stand for expertise in all revenue cycle and medical billing questions, and we can ensure this based on the experience we have gathered over the years. Plus, we take part in relevant continuing education courses to stay current on the ever changing billing and coding guidelines.

  • Customer service
    Outsourcing your medical billing is a very personal matter. We consider ourselves to be a respectable and reliable partner to our clients.

  • Individual solutions
    Our experience shows that there is seldom a universal solution when it comes to the right practice management or EHR System. We believe in creating customized revenue cycle management solutions for our clients.